Ahead of what’s expected to be a noisy New Year’s Eve, some are asking for a little calm

Community braces for New Year’s fireworks

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - With New Year’s just around the corner, some residents are encouraging people to keep their neighbors in mind when they light fireworks.

One Kaneohe resident who wants to remain anonymous says there has been an increasing number of fireworks going off since Thanksgiving.

“Regardless if it’s legal or illegal just wait for that time so that way we’re prepared,” said the Kaneohe resident. “I can medicate my dog; we can figure out how to soundproof (our home) or we’ll close up all our windows.”

She said she has underlying health conditions and suffers from PTSD and recently tested positive for COVID but having to quarantine alone has been difficult.

“I live by myself and it’s just me and my dog and so when one of those goes off like the bombs or any of the aerials go off it makes it worse,” said the Kaneohe resident.

She says hearing fireworks go off sporadically has also been hard for her service dog.

“So when the aerial goes off or the fireworks goes off, she goes hiding and I’m triggered and she can’t be of service to me,” said the woman. “So I have to go through the trigger and whatever anxiety.”

State Sen. Clarence Nishihara who has also been hearing the fireworks in the district he represents, Waipahu, said they’ve tried to address the use of fireworks in the past.

“We’ve done it over a number of years, and it hasn’t lessened the use of them unless you know, someone who’s actually buying and storing the material,” said Nishihara.

The Hawaiian Humane Society urges pet owners to be more aware with New Year’s Eve just days away and to keep their pets indoors as much as possible.

To make it a lot easier to find their pets, he also advised they get micro-chipped.

“So more than anything just be aware and pay a bit more attention maybe than in previous years,” said Daniel Roselle, communications manager for the Hawaiian Humane Society.

“Because the dynamics of when these fireworks are going off is a lot different it seems.”

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