Filmmaker’s 400-mile skateboard ride through the Philippines now a documentary

Filmmaker’s 400-mile skateboard ride through the Philippines now a documentary

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A couple of years ago during a trip to the Philippines, North Shore resident James Astle cooked up something of a crazy idea.

“I just had the itch, the desire, to travel a large part of the Philippines through a different medium ― on a skateboard,” he said.

Last August, the 31-year-old Haleiwa filmmaker packed his camera and his skateboard, flew off to Luzon and hit the road.

“The trip lasted 12 days and it was over 400 miles,” he said.

Astle passed through provinces and neighborhoods and navigated all types of terrain.

“Trying to keep up skating upwards of 60 miles a day took a lot of physical exertion,” he said.

Along the journey, he met Filipinos who wondered what he was doing and why. Their kindness blew him away. Some families hosted him overnight.

“A lot of them helped me with directions, with food, and a lot of them actually helped me with filming the documentary,” he said.

Astle turned his 400-mile skateboard ride into a 44-minute film available now on

It’s called “Rolling Moments.”

“It’s inspirational and it will give you an in-depth perspective of what it’s like on the road in the Philippines,” he said.

He managed to get by mostly with English, but he speaks some Filipino.

“The number one word I would always say is salamat po. It’s very important to show your appreciation and your gratitude,” he said.

Astle has produced documentaries on other trips to other parts of the world, but none is as novel as his skateboard adventure.

“Now it’s about what can I do next,” he said.

Astle wants to do a followup to “Rolling Moments” but he hasn’t decided yet if it’ll be on a skateboard or some other mode of transportation.

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