Forecast: Stronger trade winds with more showers move in through Friday

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A combination of an upper level low anchored over the western islands and a low level cloud band drifting in on the trade winds will keep wet weather trends in the forecast for the next few days. The highest coverage for clouds and showers will remain over windward and mountain areas. Moderate trade winds will increase in strength over the next several days becoming breezy by Friday and Saturday, and windy on Sunday. Trade winds will trend lower from Monday onward as the high pressure ridge north of the islands weakens.

A north swell is peaking today with a reinforcement due tonight peaking Thursday night. Another northwest swell is due Saturday night, all swells are forecast to be below advisory levels. East shores will be rising over the next few days as the wind swell increases, waves could hit advisory levels. South shores will remain small with minor pulses due over the weekend.

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