2 people on either side of the political aisle share a Zoom call ... and some common ground

Updated: Nov. 13, 2020 at 5:49 PM HST
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - On Election Day, Lynn Robinson-Onderko said she was feeling “cautiously optimistic” as she hoped Joe Biden would win.

She worried about her son and his future if Trump remained in his position.

Trent Fong, father of five, hoped there would be enough votes to keep the Trump Administration and its initiatives going.

After checking in with them before all the votes were counted, Hawaii News Now wanted to catch up with them again ― now that Biden has been declared the winner.

Robinson-Onderko and Fong met for the first time through a Zoom call.

There were plenty of issues they disagreed on.

“Hillary Clinton, what she did to try to hide her email corruption, it just makes you wonder,” said Fong. “Wait a minute, these people are in government? For what reason?”

“Trent and I are always going to disagree about Hillary’s emails,” Robinson-Onderko responded.

They went on to discuss various issues. They debated immigration, the Black Lives Matter movement, homelessness. All topics they strongly disagreed on when it came to solutions.

But they found common ground in maintenance of public streets and playgrounds. They both think there needs to be more funds and a system to maintain them.

They both have veterans in their families who served. They both want a better future for their children.

And they both think that having more open conversations with someone who holds different views on issues is healthy.

“That’s one of the ills of our current situation,” Fong said. “Is that someone like Lynn and I can’t just speak and talk about these things. I enjoyed talking to Lynn. There are people that will say `because you are such and such party, or because you believe in such and such political views, you’re not my friend.'”

Robinson-Onderko agreed.

“We share our communities, we share the planet. We have to be able to talk to one another. The hate rhetoric, it has absolutely been ramped up. There’s no value in that. We need to have informed conversations with a real goal for doing the best we can to make things better.”

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