Brother Noland Jams in the Talk Story Hale

Brother Noland Jams in the Talk Story Hale

McKenna Maduli, host and creator of the Emmy Award winning series Talk Story, welcomes Brother Noland Conjugacion into the Talk Story Hale to jam and wala`au. Brother Noland goes way back with McKenna’s one-man-dad band Kata Maduli. The two reminisce on fun flash backs from the past, joking that the show would not be long enough to include them all. McKenna learns the inspiration behind some of Brother Noland’s most classic songs and gets in on one epic jam sesh.

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About: For nearly 40 years Brother Noland has filled the airwaves with original compositions that have become local classics and island treasures. Considered Father of Jawaiian Music with such classics as “Coconut Girl”, “Pua Lane”, “Big Ship”, “Mercy Mercy”, “Tropical Baby”, “Jamie Lee”, and “Are You Native”, Brother Noland continues to innovate and pursue avenues of creativity in his music and upcoming collaborations and legendary performances. It’s hard to put Brother Noland into one specific category of talent. In his lifetime his credits include author, singer, artist, poet, philanthropist, mentor, musician, and teacher. Born and raised in Kalihi-Palama on Oahu, Brother Noland Conjugacion is most famous for his original song “Coconut Girl” that birthed the “Jawaiian” contemporary style. Brother Noland’s life experiences from the stage to the bush have provided him with experiences that he is continuously sharing with the youth of the islands so that they can learn ways to walk a true path. With his partnership with Keiki O Ka Aina he is providing regular classes in a variety of skills sets.

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