Turnout in the election was high statewide, but highest on Kauai

Voter Turnout & Mail-in voting breakdown for Hawaii

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Election results continue to come in on the mainland, but the count is complete in Hawaii.

The turnout in the general election was high across the state, with Kauai seeing the highest turnout.

This was the first general election in Hawaii conducted primarily by mail, though people could also vote in person or drop their ballots off at deposit boxes.

On Hawaii Island, 88,510 people cast a ballot ― a 69.5% turnout.

On Maui County, there were 71,634 voters who cast a ballot, for a turnout of 66.4%.

Oahu saw turnout soar to 70%, with 348,951 registered voters casting a ballot.

And Kauai wins in the turnout front, with 72.1% of registered voters casting a ballot, or 34,070 voters.

Statewide, the turnout was 69.6% ― the highest since 1994.

In total, 579,165 people voted in Hawaii’s general election. That’s a record for number of ballots cast.

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