UH football takes Tuesday off to head to the polls

UH football takes Tuesday off to head to the polls

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - UH football returned to their home practice field on Monday to prepare for their home opener with New Mexico, but will take some time off on Tuesday to cast their votes.

Sports teams from the pros to college have been pushing and promoting the importance of voting this election season — the 'Bows are no different.

“It’s very important for us as a team and just as a culture, period.” Cornerback Cortez Davis told reporters after Monday’s practice. “So there’s conversations about what we need to do, like going out and voting and doing the right things and making the right decisions so there’s definitely conversations.”

Conversations like understanding that the right to vote is something that was made possible by the sacrifices of generations past, something head coach Todd Graham has a personal connection to.

“You know I talk to them about how important it is for them to vote and be a part of that.” Coach Graham said. “You know my grandparents, both of my grandfathers were in the military, served in the military, a lot of people died to give me the opportunity to vote and so we talked about those things.”

Coach Graham goes on to say that society could take a page out of a football team’s book on unity and togetherness.

“Our society could study a football locker room to learn a lot of great things from it, just the love and the camaraderie, the respect that you have to have to be on a team.” Coach Graham said. “Open hearts, open minds and that’s the way it is on a football team, that’s what I love about it.”

The Rainbow Warriors have a very diverse locker room, Hawaii in general is a melting pot of different cultures and according to offensive coordinator G.J. Kinne, this allows for everyone to share their thoughts and connect with them, no matter where they’re from.

“I think for me, being in the NFL with the Eagles and the Giants, I mean you’ve got people from all over, so i’m used to it, I think these kids are used to it.” Coach Kinne said. “I think it’s awesome, I think it’s awesome when you have different ideas, different thoughts and you’re able to talk about them and hash those out, we definitely have a family atmosphere here, man I love it, it’s one of the best things about Hawaii.”

Coach Graham echoed that sentiment, emphasizing the mutual respect his players have for each other, no matter  who they are or where they’re from.

“That’s what’s special about a football team, how they have the respect between people of all walks of life, I mean people from rural America, from inner cities and Hawaii, from all over the place.” Coach Graham said. “They come together, the respect that we have, we work for a common goal, we love each other like a family and so i’m really proud of that.”

Once the 'Bows get back from the polls, it’s back to business as they prepare for their home opener against New Mexico — game set for November 7th on Spectrum pay-per-view.

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