Princess Ilona Irvine enjoys some Throw Back Jams and performs in the Talk Story Hale

Princess Ilona Irvine enjoys some Throw Back Jams and performs in the Talk Story Hale

Host McKenna Maduli presents a very special episode of Talk Story: Throwback Jams. This jam-packed episode pays a tribute to favorite artists and performances from Hot Hawaiian Nights: Ilona Irvine and Leahi. Hot Hawaiian Nights was a long running series (over 20 years!) on KFVE featuring Hawai’i musicians performing a wide range of contemporary and traditional music.

Talk Story: Ilona Irvine part 2

McKenna welcomes Princess Ilona Irvine into the Talk Story Hale and the two catch up on what is new as well as reminisce on some good times. Ilona comments on classic performances from Hot Hawaiian Nights and performs her hit, “Pretty Sugar Pie” with Kata Maduli.

Talk Story: Ilona Irvine part 3

About: Princess Ilona Irvine dubbed from fans as THE PEOPLES PRINCESS… started her career at Brown Bags to Stardom in 1985 winning first runner up for solo female vocalist. She soon began a recording contract with Ms. Nohelani Cypriano for her original song “My Island Boys”. In 1993, Ilona met and sang with musicians Loke Sasil and Malia Kerr, a group better known as Leahi . As a trio the ladies brought to the table a very unique colorful sound. Malia saw the talent of Ms. Ilona and invested in her, recording 3 albums: Pretty Sugar Pie, Sweet Memory, and Hot Hawaiian Nights Live.

In 1995, Princess Ilona began recording under the management of Roni “H-Diggler” Yurong, Hobo House on the Hill label. In 1998, the album Princess Ilona was released, produced by brothers Roni and Lawrence Yurong, and also FIJI. In 2007, she also recorded her original “Island Boy” featuring Ryan Hiraoka, in collaboration with Damon Williams, Slapp Symphony, Mr. James Westbrook, and Let-T-Let. In 2011, she hooked up with her brothers Nesian Nine and recorded “Breaking of My Heart”.

Talk Story: Ilona Irvine part 4

Princess Ilona now spends most of her dayz teaching voice lessons and being a help to the people.

For more information: @ilonairvine

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