Stacie Ku’ulei Talks Story and shares her music video and inspiration for “Rise Up! E Ala E!”

Stacie Ku’ulei Talks Story and shares her music video and inspiration for “Rise Up! E Ala E!”

McKenna Maduli, host of Talk Story, is excited to welcome Stacie Ku’ulei into the Talk Story Hale. She was inspired by Ku’ulei’s music video for “Rise Up! E Ala E!” and learns what inspired Stacie to breathe new life into the song. Stacie tells McKenna, “I just thought, you know what, I have to do something. I have to make sure that everyone remembers the first responders, the essential workers, the grocery clerks that work for us, the managers, everybody! Because sometimes we forget and we take things for granted and that’s how this song came about.” Stacie worked with her producer Aron Nelson and Kumu Hula Keli’i Puchalski to translate many parts of the song into 'Ōlelo Hawai’i. Stacie shares the music video that beautifully captures the deep love and uplifting message of the song “Rise Up! E Ala E!”

ABOUT: With a powerful and pitch-perfect voice, Stacie Ku`ulei is keeping busy during the lockdown. Prominently featured during UH games and seen all over social media, she brings her singing talent to video. Her newest release, “RISE UP! E ALA E!” is taking social media by storm.

I bet you would have never guessed that Stacie Ku`ulei is an educator! She serves as a teacher at Kalakaua Middle School in the heart of Kalihi. She knows the experience of being an essential worker - “RISE UP! E ALA E!” She wants everyone to recognize doctors, nurses, paramedics, dispatchers, truckers, grocery workers, construction workers, teachers, the entire community! Soulful, sultry, dynamic, intense, heartfelt, and sensitive. Stacie Ku’ulei can do it all! With a voice others could only dream of, she brings her talent to honor the essential workers, first responders, and also to the community so we can rise up together during these tough times. Born and raised on Kaua`i, Stacie Ku`ulei grew up in Pakala Sugarcane Plantation on the West side of the Garden Isle. The evening sunsets, scent of the ocean, and the red dirt that stains her feet molded her into the person she is, the person she will always be. Her roots on Kauai were essential for her to grow into the woman she is today. She attended the island’s Waimea Canyon Elementary School and Waimea High School.

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