Stacie Ku’ulei performs “Koke`e” in the Talk Story Hale

Stacie Ku’ulei performs “Koke`e” in the Talk Story Hale

McKenna Maduli, host of Talk Story, hosts an epic jam sesh in the Talk Story Hale with her One-Man Band Dad Kata Maduli and singer-songwriter Stacie Ku’ulei. Stacie who is not only a talented entertainer and songwriter is also a teacher. With a heart of gold, Stacie uplifts the community by education and her beautiful music. Stacie honors her home Island of Kauaʻi singing the song “Koke`e” with Kata Maduli playing bass.

ABOUT: Multi-talented Stacie Ku’ulei performs R&B, Pop, Jazz, Ballads, Hawaiian, Gospel, Rap, Classical Opera, and Ballads. Born and raised on the island of Kaua’i Stacie Ku’ulei is part Hawaiian, Filipino, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Native American, and Russian. Stacie Ku’ulei began singing for audiences at a tender age of 4. She was selected to represent the states honor choir for 2 years and was hand-selected as a featured soloist that performed at various places throughout Hawaii including Iolani Palace, the State Capital, the Governor’s Palace, and the USS Arizona Memorial. Stacie Ku’ulei was approached by a television producer to be a contestant on a popular Hawaii TV show called Hawaii Stars where she made her first TV appearance. She was the soulful, energetic contestant with a powerhouse voice that brought the house down! Stacie Kuulei’s gospel rendition of Crystal Lewis' “I Now Live” won her the contest.

After 10 years of singing on the Navatek, a dinner cruise that cruises Waikiki, Stacie Ku’ulei accepted the opportunity to perform with some of the most brilliant, talented, and passionate musicians. “Music gives me the opportunity to relate to people in such a way that ignites their passion…..I love people….they inspire me…I aim to lift their souls and spirits” says Stacie Ku’ulei. Besides singing, writing songs is another of Stacie Ku’ulei’s passions. “I love writing about people….their challenges, hopes, dreams, and situations… makes me happy to know that I can inspire people through my music.” Stacie Ku’ulei resides in Honolulu and serves as an educator for the state of Hawai’i. She is an avid promoter of reading literacy. “Every child is beautiful….every child is unique….and every child can learn to read,” says Stacie Ku’ulei.

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