Priceless handprint pendant stolen from mother who lost her infant daughter

Priceless handprint pendant stolen from mother who lost her infant daughter
The pendant featured the hand print of baby Abigail. (Source: Anna Lobisch)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Priceless keepsakes memorializing an infant who died at just 7 months old have been stolen.

Now the child’s mother is begging for the return of the items, no questions asked.

Baby Abigail Lobisch died in February 2019 after her baby sitter allegedly gave her a fatal does of benadryl. It was a high-profile case that stirred heartbreak in the community. And this is the latest blow to the Lobisch family.

The items stolen included a necklace imprinted with Abigail’s handprint, along with her social security card.

Abigail’s mother, Anna, says the thieves broke into her van Monday afternoon on Kamaile Street in the Ala Moana area. She’s now offering a cash reward to get the cherished items back.

“Right before they cremated Abi, they did that hand print for her and engraved it on — it was like a silver pendant,” Anna said. “Whoever has it, whoever wants to return it, that would be great.”

In addition to the emotional tokens, Anna’s and her son’s passport and social security cards were also taken along with an Apple watch and airpods.

Lobisch’s plea for the return of items isn’t about finding out who took them or even pressing charges. She simply just wants the items back as its some of the few items she has left memorializing her daughter.

“Please return it. We won’t ask any questions. I’ll cancel the police report. We won’t press charges. We just — I just want those things back,” she said.

Anyone with information may call Honolulu police.

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