Before sentencing, woman responsible for a double-fatal DUI crash faces victims' families

Driver in deadly hit-and-run crash sentenced to 10 years

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - During an emotional sentencing hearing Tuesday, the families of two men fatally struck in 2018 while changing a tire faced the woman who hit them and then fled the scene.

Sierra Burns was sentenced to 10 years behind bars Tuesday for the drunken hit-and-run crash.

The two men killed were 21-year old Jonah Ragsdale and 23-year old Daniel Mole. They were changing a tire along Farrington Highway when Burns plowed into them.

Burns was facing up to 20 years but took a plea deal.

Daniel Mole and Jonah Ragsdale
Daniel Mole and Jonah Ragsdale (Source: Mole, Ragsdale family)

It was an emotional day in court as family members of the victims addressed Burns ahead of her sentencing.

“As a mom, it’s an indescribable feeling to have lost a child unnecessarily. Especially through someone else’s negligence, poor choices, and irresponsible actions," said Lea Aquino, Ragsdale’s mother.

Jonah Ragsdale
Jonah Ragsdale (Source: Ragsdale family)

His sister, Keala Ragsdale struggled to maintain her composure as she admitted she is still angry, two and a half years later.

“(Burns) decided to do something like this, and the fact that she left two boys on the side of the road, I will never understand.”

Daniel Mole’s mother, Raynette, said she was in the waiting room as doctors worked on her son for 45 minutes before pronouncement.

His father, Richard, said the loss has been devastating, "I will never hear Daniel say to me, ‘Happy Father’s Day.’”

double fatal crash along Farrington Highway
double fatal crash along Farrington Highway (Source: None)

Burns was 21-years old at the time of the crash, which happened near Makua Cave. She had a previous arrest for DUI when she was underage.

Burns hit Ragsdale, Mole and a third man, Dustin Rosario, who survived but still suffers from the injuries he sustained and from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“I woke up in the bushes a good 20 feet from where I was. Jonah was unconscious on top of me.”

Sierra Burns is accused in a double-fatal crash in Makaha in 2018.
Sierra Burns is accused in a double-fatal crash in Makaha in 2018. (Source: Honolulu Police Department)

Burns drove off, and was found 30 minutes later, passed out in the back seat of her damaged Volkswagon Passat.

Burns made a brief statement at the hearing, crying as she apologized, “I know this doesn’t mean anything to you guys at all, but I’m sorry and you’re right. it should have been me.”

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