Blangiardi issues ‘roadmap to recovery’ after being criticized for lack of a plan

Blangiardi issues ‘roadmap to recovery’ after being criticized for lack of a plan
Keith Amemiya and Rick Blangiardi are vying to be Honolulu's next mayor (Source: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - After being accused of having no plan for the future of Oahu, mayoral candidate Rick Blangiardi issued Wednesday what he calls a “roadmap to recovery.”

The 13-page document sets public health and safety ― such as expanding COVID-19 testing ― and economic recovery as two top priorities.

His opponent, Keith Amemiya, points out that he issued his recovery plan in June. He has regularly used the lack of a plan against Blangiardi in forums and debates.

“For months, I’ve been pressing my opponent to share with voters his plan for Honolulu and we still have not learned much," Amemiya said, in a statement to Hawaii News Now.

“It looks more like a plan to develop a plan that will do little to actually beat COVID. My opponent still hasn’t done the hard work of learning the city and figuring out what to do other than assembling his CEO friends to make a plan in February.”

Blangiardi said his “roadmap to recovery” is designed to focus on key challenges facing the city, including economic recovery, public health and city efficiency. It calls for:

  • Establishing an economic recovery business roundtable;
  • Working with the city and state to improve mortgage and rental assistance programs;
  • Fast-tracking construction on budgeted and deferred city projects;
  • And appointing an affordable housing advocate to speed up affordable housing plans.

“Oahu’s future is simply too important to pretend we can depend on decisions and plans that don’t take in account the constantly changing circumstances,” Blangiardi said, in a statement.

“This roadmap allows for adapting on a moment’s notice, making decisions as opportunities arise, thinking outside the box, forging new relationships built on creativity and shared goals and, most of all, building a team where all are committed to success.”

To review Blangiardi’s roadmap, click here.

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