Trade winds set to take a break

Enjoy the trade winds while you can! Moderate trades are expected to slow down as our weather transitions to a land and sea breeze pattern, starting Sunday and continuing through much of the coming week.

The reason for the change is a that a cold front will be eroding the trade-producing high pressure ridge north of the islands. The front itself will stall and remain in place for several days, which will also keep the winds light.

Expect afternoon sea breezes which will allow for clouds and pop-up showers over interior sections of the islands with overnight land breezes that will clear the skies. This weather pattern is expected to last through Friday.

In surf, the first northwest swell of the season is declining slowly, but it’s getting more active in the North Pacific, so we could have a near-advisory level swell Wednesday and a smaller one on Friday. South shores still have some waves, with a new long-period swell that could peak near advisory heights (8 feet) Sunday. East shores will remain small, but there could be a small swell from former tropical cyclone Lowell early next week.

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