Forecast: Trades to weaken, then take a long break

Trade winds to take an extended break

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Light trade winds are expected for the first half of the new week. It should be mostly dry to start Sunday, but an incoming plume of moisture is expected to bring scattered showers late Sunday into Monday morning, followed by drier conditions later Monday and Tuesday.

As we head into the second half of the week, light and variable winds are expected, with afternoon clouds and showers for interior sections of the islands followed by overnight clearing. There’s some uncertainty over the intensity of the afternoon showers, but we could potentially see some brief downpours later in the week. It could also get rather muggy around Friday.

In surf, the north shores are seeing declining wave heights for Sunday, but with the North Pacific storm systems becoming more active, we’re anticipating some back-to-back northwest swells, with one arriving Wednesday and peaking Thursday close to the 15-foot advisory level, and the second one arriving Friday. South shores are also still seeing some storm energy from the South Pacific, with the latest south swell peaking Sunday very close to the 8-foot advisory threshold before declining late Sunday. East shores will be quiet, but former tropical cyclone Lowell could generate a small swell, especially for Hawaii island and Maui.

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