Former Hawaii residents forced to evacuate Oregon home as wildfires spread

Hawaii Couple Forced to Evacuate Fires

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Hawaii couple were forced to evacuate as the wildfires moved closer to their Oregon complex.

23-year-old Jade Mahoe has been living in Talent, Oregon with her boyfriend for about five years and said they were given about 15 minutes to pack whatever they could before evacuating their apartment complex on Friday.

“I actually rented a car for myself and I have all of my stuff back here just in case I need to evacuate any further and go up north,” said Mahoe. In the meantime, Mahoe and her boyfriend are staying with family nearby.

“And it was just so frightening to see like buildings that I would drive past everyday just combusted into flames or burned to the ground.”

But with many trying to flee to the north, Mahoe said getting out of Talent was not easy.

“It was really scary all of the gas stations were evacuated but in Oregon it’s illegal to pump your own gas so if you were out of gas you were out of luck,” said Mahoe. “And Chase was out of gas so I nearly had a heart attack.”

Mahoe feels they are always in an at-risk situation trying to protect themselves from not only the fires, but COVID. She adds that being outside is not an option because the air quality is deemed hazardous.

Mahoe said their apartment was saved from the fire but won’t be able to access it for at least a couple weeks.

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