Forecast: Light trades and rainfall, but more showers may be ahead

Light trades and only light showers for a few more days

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Trade winds will be light to moderate for most of the week, with a slight increase in wind speeds by the weekend. Rainfall will continue to be sparse, with most of the showers for windward areas. However, the light winds may allow some afternoon sea breezes for leeward areas, which could then see few more clouds and maybe an isolated shower or two.

A slight increase in showers is possible for Kauai for Wednesday and Thursday as a passing front may come close enough to bring a bit more moisture to the Garden Isle. There could also be a few more showers for windward areas for the weekend as more of the moisture from the dissipating front gets caught up in the increasing trade winds.

Surf will remain below advisory levels along all shores through next week, with only a few small swells possible. A small, short-period northeast swell is possible Friday, along with a small northwest swell. A long-period south swell will persist into midweek, with a slightly larger south-southwest swell possible by next weekend.

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