Laptops and iPads stolen from distance learning center

Laptops and iPads stolen from distance learning center

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Distancing learning devices stolen overnight, which forced a learning facility in Manoa to cancel classes for the day.

The staff of Computational Thinkers say the timing could not be worse, as they just switched from part-time classes to offering full-time distance learning this week.

Twelve laptops and twelve iPads were stolen from the center along with other equipment totaling $20,000.

“It’s already hard, trying to get the kids to get online and get their classes done and to turn around and find out that somebody took their laptops, I’m devastated,” said Owner/Founder of Computational Thinkers, Samantha Kimsey.

Without the equipment, students had to be turned away today.

It was supposed to be Teri Wong’s daughters’ first day of distance learning with the center.

“I just had to quickly get everybody back in the car and we just had to come home and log on because it’s attendance right? And they have to do virtual learning,” said Wong.

“I almost didn’t make it to class and that affects my grade,” said Wong’s daughter, Taylor.

Computational Thinkers is right across the street from the park where they found some of their iPad cases and a bag that belongs to them.

However, some believe the center was targeted due to the rising demand for laptops.

“It seems the shortage of laptops may be the contributing factor to why it’s so valuable on this island, this is obviously the wrong way to take advantage of the situation,” said Computational Thinkers Instructor, Wayne Chen.

And knowing that students needs these devices for school, is why Wong believes kids will continue to be targets for theft.

“We need to have it, that’s the only way we can distance learn so they must know it’s in our house.”

The laptops have the center’s logo on them so they should be easily recognizable.

If you’ve seen any of their equipment, you can call Computational Thinkers at 664-0310.

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