The ’Bows look towards the future after the Mountain West postpones the 2020 season

The 'Bows look to the future after the Mountain West postponed the 2020 season

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Rainbow Warriors look ahead to the future, after the Mountain West Conference postponed the 2020 season indefinitely.

In a press conference on Monday, UH athletic director David Matlin, says that they will take some time to properly form a plan for the future.

“Were going to take a deep breath.” Matlin said. “Meet with our medical community and our coaching staff and our support staff and administration as we chart a course forward in the coming days.”

However, Matlin still wants to keep the student-athletes engaged, seeking guidance from the NCAA and the Mountain West on what exactly the team is allowed to do.

“I do believe there are activities that we can do that are safe and frankly, healthy for them.” Matlin said.

The ’Bows look towards the future after the Mountain West postpones the 2020 season

There has been much discussion across the nation of possibly moving college football to the spring, Matlin being open to that happening — if it's safe to do so.

“We’ll do everything possible to have a season this year in the spring in a healthy and safe manner.” Matlin said. “If it is safe and healthy to go, then everything will be done to make that happen.”

Matlin says that conversations with ‘Bows head coach Todd Graham, have already begun on what steps need to be taken if there is a spring season.

Graham is also supportive of the idea of spring football, but also keeps the health and safety of his players as the top priority.

“It’s about progressing and doing everything we can for the future.’' Graham said. “If we can safely do it, then that would be a great opportunity to do that in the spring.”

For now, there is no official plan for the ‘Bows, who have become the most recent sports casualty to the coronavirus pandemic.

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