New emergency order closes bowling alleys, and some aren’t sure they’ll be able to reopen

New emergency order closes bowling alleys, and some aren’t sure they’ll be able to reopen
At Pali Lanes, they put up six-foot panels in between pairs of lanes. (Source: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - While most businesses weren’t effected by the city’s new emergency order, bowling alleys were.

The city is temporarily shutting down bowling alleys because they say it’s a social sport, in which people gather to bowl. Gatherings are what the city is trying to crack down on.

But the operator of Pali Lanes is frustrated because they’ve spent nearly $10,000 to make safety adjustments for their customers.

“For us to be spending money and to be shut down not even two months later is just, it’s ridiculous,” said Christian Arakawa, vice president of Save Pali Lanes.

According to Arthur Machado, the owner and general manager of bowling alley, they added panels between pairs of lanes, Plexiglass to the front desk, and have stationed staff members to take customer temperatures at the door.

Bev Brennan, proprietor of Barbers Point Bowling Center, said they also spent thousands to meet the city’s standards.

“I think we’re trying to do it, you know, I had to add extra employees on to check temperatures at the door and disinfect after closing, and that has just made my payroll kind of scary,” said Brennan.

With the alleys unaware of any cases linked to their businesses, they’re asking for the city to reconsider restrictions.

“You have gyms and bowling alleys open the same day. We’re following the protocols, the one with the clusters gets to stay open, the one with absolutely no cases or clusters is forced to closed for a month,” said Arakawa. “With programs, leagues and bars helping bowling centers to survive, a temporary shutdown for them could become permanent.”

“We’re concerned because right now we do owe some money to Hawaiian Electric and some of the companies,” added Machado. “We think that with this close down, we’re anticipating October as a chance of maybe closing down.”

“Mr. Mayor, please re-look at your numbers and let us have a living,” said Brennan. “Let us serve our communities and give our people a place to come and go and have fun.”

The Act with Care, Do Not Gather Order remains in effect through Sept. 4.

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