Following spike, Oahu’s total for COVID-19 cases sprints past 1,500

Following spike, Oahu’s total for COVID-19 cases sprints past 1,500
Hawaii saw an alarming spike in new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday. (Source: Hawaii News Now/file)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii saw 109 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, pushing the statewide total to 1,865.

State officials called the increase worrisome, but also noted that Hurricane Douglas contributed to testing delays. From Saturday to Wednesday, some 5,160 tests were processed in the islands.

Of the new cases, 98 were on Oahu, nine were on Maui and two were on Kauai.

The infections push Oahu’s total since the pandemic began to 1,516 ― or 81% of all cases reported in the islands.

Meanwhile, some 1,215 people who have tested positive for coronavirus have been released from isolation while 173 have required hospitalization.

The death toll from the virus in Hawaii stands at 26.

Here’s the latest county-by-county breakdown of confirmed positives:


  • Total cases: 1,516
  • Released from isolation: 934
  • Required hospitalization: 140
  • Deaths: 19


  • Total cases: 163 (includes 2 on Molokai)
  • Released from isolation: 125
  • Required hospitalization: 26
  • Deaths: 6


  • Total cases: 47
  • Released from isolation: 42
  • Required hospitalization: 1
  • Deaths: 0


  • Total cases: 116
  • Released from isolation: 114
  • Required hospitalization: 4
  • Deaths: 0


  • Hawaii residents diagnosed out-of-state: 23
  • Hawaii residents who have died out-of-state: 1
  • Pending assignment to county: 0

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