Roofing, flood restoration companies prepare for Douglas ... and its impacts

Roofing, flood restoration companies prepare for Douglas ... and its impacts

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Companies that fix the damage caused by strong storms are preparing for Douglas.

In Mililani on Friday, a crew from Tory’s Roofing worked on a scheduled job. But before the storm arrives, the company is also getting a lot of calls for quick fixes.

“Our crews are stretched thin right now, then you got this storm coming in. It just makes it a little more difficult to schedule jobs,” company vice president Mike Tory said.

MD Restoration was also busy preparing its employees, vehicles and equipment so they can roll out on emergency calls if Douglas floods homes.

"Just be ready to extract water, help people out that possibly need furniture moved and wet building material removed from their house," company CEO Mark Harris said.

Summer is already busy for roofers. Hurricane season adds another demand that Tory’s prepares for annually.

“All of our roofers are on call,” Tory said. “If there’s an emergency repair we’ll call the foremen and they’ll dispatch out.”

MD Restoration can handle up to 25 flooded homes at the same time. Harris said his company has 60 water extraction experts.

"It's all hands on deck for Hurricane Douglas. They're all aware that if they're needed at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning they'll be ready to go out," he said.

Scheduled roof repairs Tory's Roofing can't complete before the storm effects are felt are being secured so loose materials don't become flying objects.

“If we can we take it down. We come in and make sure the roof is secure, make sure it’s watertight before we leave. That’s all we can do,” Tory said.

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