Amid a pandemic, Oahu residents scramble to prepare for a hurricane

Lines long at Oahu retailers as residents prepare for potential Douglas impacts

KAPOLEI, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Oahu residents still dealing with a pandemic are scrambling to get ready for Hurricane Douglas it barrels toward the state.

“It’s actually been easier this year because we already stocked up so much for the pandemic so when the hurricane came I was kind of making inventory on what we already have,” said For Dustie Mach, of Kapolei.

Because of the pandemic, families should also have enough medical essentials to last for 14 days, which Charlene Ceville of Waianae said she already has.

“So, we’re already stocked up on sanitizers, masks, since day one so we have a lot of that,” said Ceville.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were advised to have essentials like food, water and toiletries to last 14 days.

And with Hurricane Douglas approaching, they’re now buying tools to protect their homes like bungee cords, sandbags and even plywood.

“Our normal hurricane prep is in place and then our food stuff is in place because of COVID and then just the windows are left,” said Jana, of Makakilo.

With a storm ahead and COVID-19 cases rising, residents like Jarrod Sniffen of Kaneohe remain optimistic.

“We prepare for each other, we help each other out,” said Sniffen. “I think we’re prepared for just about anything with going through the pandemic.”

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