Rod York and the Mililani Trojans Football team prepare for a season that is still ‘up in the air’

Rod York and the Mililani Trojans Football team prepare for a season that is still ‘up in the air’
Rod York

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The uncertainty of Fall sports this year have left many coaches like Mililani High School’s Head football coach Rod York, in a state of limbo as he tries to prepare his team for a season that is in jeopardy of even happening.

“First of all we just got to put the kids first and serve the kids so you know we try to zoom with the kids,” Coach York said. “Text the kids and just try to keep the communication going back and forth.”

Utilizing resources like zoom has quickly become the norm these days, with the restrictions on large gatherings and practices, but for York and his staff, their goal remains to be ready to start the season — whenever that may be.

“As the leader of Mililani Trojan Football, I’ve always got to be ready,” York said. “You know, we always got to keep the kids ready and first we keep the coaches ready, so a lot of us are zooming and just preparing as if we were having a season on time.”

Around this time, The Trojans are usually in their summer conditioning program, but with the mandated restrictions, York’s players had to improvise.

“Yeah there’s not much we can do, we’re not allowed to physically work with the kids.” York said. “They started a players only workout, just to keep the guys busy and working out together.”

Maintaining social distancing — the players organized a workout as a team, but without York and his staff.

“The kids kept texting me about working out and I kept reminding them about the rules and we can’t work with them,” York said. “So I was proud of them, they went and did a players only workout.”

The workouts seem to be keeping the Trojans active, but for coach York, this extra free time has given him an opportunity to do things outside of football.

“I’m doing all the things I don’t normally get to do ,” York said. “Spent a lot of time with my wife and my dogs. I think my dogs are sick of walking because we take them walking maybe about two to three times a day.”

Despite all of the time off, Coach York is still focused on football and ready for whatever lies ahead.

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