Coffee with a Candidate: Megan Kau, Candidate for Honolulu Prosecutor

Coffee with a Candidate: Megan Kau, Candidate for Honolulu Prosecutor

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Megan Kau is a Honolulu based attorney specializing in the areas of civil and criminal litigation.

Aside from her legal experience and what her website describes as an “unmatched work ethic,” Kau says her grit and resilience is what makes her rank among the most respected and accomplished trial attorneys in Hawaii.

Kau believes the recent troubling revelations at the Prosecutor’s Office demonstrate a misdirected focus of the current administration.

Here are some of the questions she took on in our interview:

  • What would you do as prosecutor to bring back trust in integrity to the office?

I do know who was involved in the Kat Kealoha investigation. I cooperated with the federal government, I represented many witnesses with the federal government, and I represented many defendants that were being investigated by Katherine Kealoha. I’m very familiar with who did what, why they did it and when they did it. I believe that they have to leave the office. They have to resign - I’m going to ask them to resign.

  • In the office right now? You will ask them to resign?

Yes, currently in the office. Secondly, I want to be open. I answer every single phone call, text message, voicemail, email, Facebook message. I want the deputies to learn how to do that, because I think people just want their questions answered.

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