Son recalls holding dying father in his arms moments after a Pearl City shooting

Son of a man shot and killed in Pearl City recalls moments surrounding the deadly dispute

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The son of a shooting victim testified in court Monday that his father died in his arms after being shot in Pearl City last week.

Keanu I’i also said stolen stimulus money triggered the deadly family dispute.

He said the events unfolded quickly. He remembered hearing three shots.

I’i, son of victim Glenn I’i, told the court that it all started in Makaha when his dad wanted to confront daughter Rainee Abellanosa and her boyfriend Zachary Apostadiro about a stolen stimulus check.

I’i said the couple sped off and they followed them at high speeds down the freeway.

He testified that he threw beer bottles at the couple’s truck while they yelled profanities at him.

The chase eventually ended in Pearl City where I’i says his girlfriend used their car to block the couple in.

Then his dad got out, and that’s when tensions hit a breaking point as the suspect pulled out a gun.

“Once I seen the gun. I was shocked. I was shocked,” he said. ”I seen them point it right at me at first... and then while I was still sitting in the Honda, I tried to duck down.”

"I seen him swing the gun and that's when I heard about three shots fired."

His father Glenn was shot and killed.

“I hopped out and then tried to help my father up but then he was too heavy for me. So I just held him in my arms and tried to hold his wound,” he said.

A coroner testified that Glenn was shot in the back with a semi-automatic rifle. HPD says officers found the weapon in Apostadiro and Abellanosa’s Makaha home.

But the defense attorney claims Abellanosa was the victim and was simply acting in self defense.

“Ms. Abellanosa was the one being chased down, being trapped from having beer bottles thrown at her from her father violently trying to get into her car. If anything, she was driving off to protect herself and to protect bucky,” Abellanosa’s attorney said.

Her charge was reduced to hindering prosecution, and a judge agreed to drop her bail to $5,000.

Apostadiro is charged with murder, terroristic threatening and firearms offenses. His bail is set at $1 million.

Both are due back in court on July 13.

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