City Mill raises $75,000 for Hawaii Foodbank through its ‘round up’ program

City Mill raises $75,000 for the Hawaii Foodbank through "round up" program

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - City Mill and its customers have helped raise $75,000 for the Hawaii Foodbank as a part of its “round up” program.

The program, which started in March, asked customers if they wanted to “round up” their purchase total to the next dollar with the money going to the Foodbank.

“When you think about it rounding up just means to the next dollar so I would save the average contribution is about 50 cents,” said City Mill President and CEO Steven Ai.

“So you can see it really adds up a small contribution can really help our community.”

City Mill also added to the donation but says most of the money was contributed by customers.

“Local companies making good but also local customers understanding that they can have a role in helping our community so literally every penny counted,” said Hawaii Foodbank President Ron Mizutani.

City Mill says it plans to continue its “round up” effort as long as the community needs it to.

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