Coffee with a Candidate: Noelle Famera, Democratic Candidate for Congress

Coffee with a Candidate: Noelle Famera, Democratic Candidate for Congress

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Noelle Famera, a former Maui resident who now lives on Oahu, is running for Congress on a platform that includes environmental sustainability and a future for Hawaii centered around clean energy.

She recently sat down with Mahealani Richardson for a cup of coffee to discuss her positions on a number of other topics related to the congressional race.

Here are some of the questions she took on in our interview:

  • This is your very first campaign. Tell us about your background and why you decided to run.

I come from the private sector. I come from building my own businesses as an entrepreneur. What really got me excited about running was the climate change and climate action protests last year. They really need representatives to step forward who have been part of this climate movement. It became my duty and my obligation to step forward.

  • We’ve seen examples of our planet relaxing as a result of the pandemic. What do you make of things now?

-- You’re seeing that humans have an effect on the environment. It’s proving it right now, with us not contributing to the consumption. It proves scientifically that humans are causing the pollution. This is where we’re at.

  • What would you do as an elected official to help Hawaii move forward out of this coronavirus pandemic?

sdfsd The Sustainable Future Act is going to impact the funding for sustainable start-ups. That’s what’s going to bring us back. One of the great things that we have in Hawaii is a community involved in a sustainable future. We want to see these implementations of incentives.

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