With cosmetic surgeries back on, there’s strong demand for ... Botox

With cosmetic surgeries back on, there’s strong demand for ... Botox
Botox services are allowed to resume in Honolulu (Source: HNN)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Even in challenging times, people still want to look good.

And the pandemic has led to pent a up demand for cosmetic procedures, especially Botox.

Like other non-essential businesses, MedSpas were shut down for a couple months.

Hokulani MedSpa in Downtown Honolulu was among the businesses impacted. They recently got the green light to resume business when non-essential surgeries were allowed to start up again.

They’re now getting ready to open with new safety protocols and additional medical protection.

Its owner says clients are clamoring for wrinkle removers and face fillers — and some have even saved money from their stimulus checks.

“People who do use them, they don’t want to stop. They want their procedures. They budget for it. They save for it and when it’s time they’re here,” said Patsy Colvin, of Hokulani MedSpa.

“People want their lips filled. People want their cheeks filled. People want their wrinkles to go away,” Colvin added.

Botox is no longer reserved for just the wealthy. It’s become surprisingly affordable, especially with recent deals intended to attract customers.

Hokulani MedSpa says Allergan — the company that makes Botox — sold thousands of $100 gift cards at half the price.

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