Illegal dumping plagues Sand Island State Recreational Area

Illegal dumping plagues Sand Island State Recreational Area

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Sand Island State Recreation Area has been an urban gem for beach goers, surfers, campers and people who fish.

But it has also become a magnet for illegal dumping, an environmental activist warns.

“People think this is their own personal dump,” said Carroll Cox of Envirowatch Inc.

During a hike through the park Sunday, we found hundreds of pounds of trash in at least a dozen dump sites scattered throughout the 14-acre recreational area.

“Some are close to the ocean -- practically in the tidal pools,” said Cox.

Some are the products of homeless camps. Others -- like the dozens of skeletons of old mopeds and bicycles -- were brought here by people who stripped them for parts.

Since Hawaii News Now last looked at the illegal dumping problem at the park more two years ago, the state cleaned up the park several times and evicted homeless campers, said Cox.

But the illegal dumping problem kept coming back, he said.

Cox said he has a more practical solution.

“If you tolerate the homeless being here -- I have no problem with the homeless being here -- put a dumpster out here to manage it. It would probably be cheaper," he said.

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