Even at the FBI’s gun range, social distancing is required. That’s meant protocol changes

Koko Head Shooting Complex remains off-limits

KANEOHE, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - FBI agents in Hawaii have made safety changes to maintain their firearms training during the pandemic.

Their shooting range at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe can hold 25 people.

But due to social distancing, only eight shooters are allowed at a time.

“We’ll shoot in different waves throughout the day. We’ll have a group of eight come at a certain time, then the next group, three or four times a day,” said FBI Special Agent Jason White.

Instead of people grabbing their own ammunition, it's now handed out by an instructor.

Hand sanitizer is available and everyone must wear a face mask unless they're on the range.

"Although the way we train today is very different than the way we trained a few months ago, the standards are still the same. We have to maintain that proficiency," said White.

Oahu’s only public range, the Koko Head Shooting Complex, has been off limits since mid-March.

Governor David Ige announced on Wednesday that the city’s shooting and archery ranges will be allowed to reopen on May 28 with limitations. But the city says the facility is not ready to reopen.

"With it being closed, the public has nowhere that they can go to shoot without paying a fee," said Andrew Namiki Roberts, director of the Hawaii Firearms Coalition.

The organization wants to make sure that people who purchased a firearm during the pandemic have a place to learn and practice.

"A lot of people did go out and seek firearms to protect themselves and protect their home, and part of owning a firearm is knowing how to use it," said Namiki Roberts.

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