Ahead of holiday weekend, state reminds residents large gatherings still aren’t allowed

Ahead of holiday weekend, state reminds residents large gatherings still aren’t allowed
Under Gov. Ige’s latest proclamation, all shorelines are closed. People are not allowed to sit, run, walk, sunbathe or lounge on the beach. Ige’s order is stricter than the county’s rules previously set in place which allowed for people to run and workout on the sand. Location: Waikiki Beach / April 20, 2020 (Source: Jonathan Saupe)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The state is urging residents to maintain social distancing guidelines over the Memorial Day weekend — even if they’re headed to the beach.

The state said those headed outdoors are reminded to wear masks when appropriate, remain 6 feet from each other, and wash hands frequently. Groups of more than 10 people aren’t allowed.

“As you remember the sacrifices of our service members and celebrate graduates this weekend, please remember to have fun safely," said Gov. David Ige, in a news release.

"Connect with friends and loved ones in ways that protect yourselves, your loved ones and our community. We’re all in this together and can keep our success going if we remind each other to keep up with safe practices.”

The warning comes as the number of visitors to the state also ticks up.

On Thursday, just over 1,200 people — including 363 visitors — arrived in the islands on 17 flights.

That’s the highest daily visitors arrival total since March 25, though far lower than the 30,000 the islands used to see daily at this time last year.

Of the visitors who came in Thursday, most said they were visiting friends and family.

Daily visitor arrivals have been slowly rising for weeks, prompting growing calls to crack down on those flouting quarantine rules. After arriving in Hawaii, travelers must quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Those who don’t face arrest and a fine.

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