Kahuku seniors drive toward graduation despite cancelled trolley tour

Kahuku seniors drive toward graduation despite cancelled trolley tour

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - At Kahuku High and Intermediate School, seniors and their families were scrambling after a trolley event came to a screeching halt.

Despite the setback, they’re trying to persevere with their heads held high.

Jenny Elmore's home is decked in out Red Raiders pride for her twins, Trinity and TJ Seguritan.

It’s a pre-graduation gathering at home where loved stopped by.

For these Kahuku seniors, the road to graduation during a pandemic has been a roller coaster.

"We have to do all these things for sanitary reasons just so we can all safe. It's times like this when I just want to be selfish to my family. I want to be able to experience all of this," said Trinity.

A graduation trolley tour with 17 trolleys on Kamehameha Highway had been in the works, but this past weekend, a letter from the principal said the trolley plan was cancelled because of "community safety concerns raised by the Honolulu Police Department."

For parents, it was a scramble.

“Some families had already printed banners that said trolley drive-by,” said Elmore.

"You gotta to roll with it. We thought we had our bases covered. We did the best that we could," she added.

These twins know what enduring hardship is all about.

They lost their father, Terry, to a heart attack when they were kids in 2012.

"Growing up without a father I had to overcome these milestones," said Trinity.

TJ always carries a Christmas family photo with him.

On the Kahuku football team, he tackles life’s challenges like an athlete.

"You are trying to sketch out that play and it doesn't go right. You gotta work around it and come out with a better solution," he said.

During the family's gathering Wednesday, a team in pink from Kahuku Medical Medical Center surprised TJ as a scholarship winner of a MacBook Pro.

On Thursday, Kahuku High and Intermediate is moving ahead with a drive-through diploma pick up with decorations and music.

With the support of loved ones, this family keeps accelerating toward a bright future.

“We did it. We came across through a whole bunch of hardship,” said Trinity.

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