Sex assault lawsuit filed against former federal prison guard

Sex assault lawsuit filed against former federal prison guard

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A new lawsuit alleges that female inmates were repeatedly sexually assaulted at the Federal Detention Center by a former guard.

The suit was filed by a female inmate and a former prisoner who alleged that an adult corrections officer, or ACO, would enter their cell and demand sex and oral sex from them — even if other inmates were watching.

“There was a certain arrogance to it because he felt so comfortable doing this in front of other inmates," said attorney Myles Breiner, who represents both women.

“This wasn’t simply touching, which in an of itself is a federal and state crime. This individual took the time to repeatedly have sexual contact with one or both of these women.”

The ACO has not been charged, but Breiner said the man no longer works at the Federal Detention Center.

Breiner said in 2018, he brought the women’s complaint to the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office, which began a criminal investigation.

But even after another witness came forward and DNA evidence was found, the feds declined to prosecute, Breiner said.

Federal prisons are required investigate allegations of inmate sex assaults. But according to the suit, the man in charge of documenting the allegations at this prison was part of a cover up.

After the women initially reported the assaults, the suit said another ACO was assigned to investigate their complaints.

The suit said the investigator called both women a “rat" and threatened to “take away phone and email privileges, shred all mail” and add years to their sentences.

“Every effort was made to intimidate these women so their credibility was under attack and so they would not cooperate," Breiner said.

Federal prosecutors and prison officials could not be reached for comment today.

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