Hawaii churches join voices for a special island-themed ‘blessing’

Hawaii churches join voices to bless their audience and help the Hawaii Foodbank

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A benediction set to music now has a Hawaiian feel.

To comfort listeners around the state, Hawaiian Islands Ministries created an island version of the popular Christian worship song “The Blessing."

"There's so much pain and discomfort in this state that I wanted to do a song through Hawaiian Islands Ministries that would bless people and encourage them," said Dan Chun, pastor of First Presbyterian Church.

Chun invited 25 churches big and small to join voices from the first church established in Hawaii to a brand new one on Molokai.

“We made sure we had churches from all the different denominations, and we wanted singers, cross-generational, the youngest, the kupuna singing, everybody together,” he said.

The singers recorded in their homes. Award-winning musician and producer Imua Garza put it together. 9th Ave Studio edited the images.

"If you listen to the song the melody is beautiful, but the words are very powerful. So we just wanted to make sure we got the music right, first and foremost," Kawika Lopez said.

The video is available starting Wednesday night at thehawaiiblessing.com and on YouTube.

"When the video was finished I think for myself and the entire crew we were blown away," Chun said. "We really hope it will be a great source of encouragement and a blessing to everybody."

And viewers can be a blessing.

Hawaiian Islands Ministries urges those who watch it to make a donation to the Hawaii Foodbank.

"Could you give a donation to the Foodbank for $1, $5, $10? Ten dollars provides 25 meals and we're at a point where we really need help in Hawaii," Chun said.

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