FedEx driver surprises Indiana girl with cupcakes on her birthday

FedEx driver surprises Indiana girl with birthday cupcakes

FISHERS, In. (WISH/CNN) - A FedEx driver in Indiana received a “thank you” surprise after he went out of his way to make one little girl’s birthday special.

Emma Paternoster turned six last week, but her mom, Liz Paternoster, had to change the party plans and they celebrated at home.

“We were trying to do everything we could to make this as special as possible,” Liz Paternoster said.

The day became sweeter with the help of Jordan Price, a FedEx delivery driver. Though he had never met the family before, he realized it was Emma’s birthday when he dropped off a stack of presents.

He then returned later that day with Dairy Queen cupcakes.

“He felt bad that she would not have a birthday like everyone else,” Liz Paternoster said. “He said, ‘You know, if we were not in this situation, she’d be at school with friends.’ And he just did what he could to make it a little more special.”

And Emma’s reaction to the birthday surprise was priceless.

At the time, the Paternosters didn’t know his name since Price left quickly. However, they wanted to find a way to thank him.

“I even stopped other FedEx delivery guys I saw in the neighborhood later that day, trying to figure out who he was,” Paternoster said.

Liz Paternoster tweeted a video of the sweet gesture, which gained thousands of retweets until it reached Price’s son.

The two families were able to connect and on Tuesday, Price stopped by the Paternoster’s home again. This time, it was Price who was in for a surprise as the family hung signs saying thank you and calling him their hero.

“He really truly is hero,” Liz Paternoster said. “They are so busy right now, and to still think of other, those they don’t even know, is inspiring.”

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