What’s that stench coming from Waimanalo Beach Park? City blames it on fertilizer

City crews apply organic fertilizer to Waimanalo Beach Park.
City crews apply organic fertilizer to Waimanalo Beach Park.(HNN Viewer Photo)
Updated: May. 4, 2020 at 10:23 PM HST
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WAIMANALO, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Residents woke up to an stench Monday coming from Waimanalo Beach Park. The reason? An organic fertilizer the city sprinkled in the area.

“I just got over here and it did not smell right,” said Waimanalo resident Jaren Rezentes. “It smells like manure or as if I was walking through a sewer.”

Several residents complained about the odor from miles away.

Kaehu Keawe, who lives nearby, said he’s used to the salt water smell coming from the beach — but this was different.

“Reminds me more like my childhood: papa’s ranch and stuff like that,” Keawe said, adding the smell didn’t bother him.

City officials say Maintenance Support Services crews applied an organic fertilizer made at Sand Island. It’s smellier than synthetic fertilizer, but safer, according to the city.

Honolulu’s Department of Parks and Recreation says the odor should last for up to two days, depending on the weather. Staff adds water to cut back on the smell.

Several large parks across the island have also received this type of fertilizer because fewer people are using the fields, according to the city. Officials say it’s been several years since this type of treatment was done.

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