First responders proving ‘countless blessings,’ Honolulu family says

First responders proving ‘countless blessings,’ Honolulu family says
Photo of first responders in Hawaii that was submitted to Hawaii News Now for an on-air broadcast. (Source: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - To help thank the front-line workers who are helping to keep Hawaii running during the coronavirus pandemic, Hawaii News Now is publishing notes of appreciation from our viewers. This submission is from the Fifita-Miner ohana in Honolulu.

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My ohana and I would personally like to THANK YOU ALL for risking your lives everyday to manage, control, and care for others while this virus is active. Not only with this virus, but even before and long after. We can’t express our appreciation and countless blessings for wonderful hero’s as yourselves. Like many of us, you all have families as well, and to be out there serving our people, We can’t say how humbled our hearts are and we know our world couldn’t be in much better hands. It hurts to see the struggles you all face but it’s such a BLESSING to know you all are out there working together to keep everything running smootly as much as possible. I would write a novel but here’s just a short MAHALO from my ohana to you all! May GOD forever bless and keep you ALL safe! Stay strong and just believe the public will stand behind you all in times of need. We should stand together and uplift each other for the better of our world and generations to come. We send all our prayers, support and love your folks way!

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