Loved ones remember COVID-19 patient who died on Maui

Loved ones remember 50-year-old man who became Hawaii’s 10th coronavirus death

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - COVID-19 took Bobby Pin in the prime of his life.

The 50-year-old, who became Hawaii’s 10th coronavirus-related fatality, was an award-winning filmmaker, a world traveler, a scuba diver and a lover of life.

On March 16, Pin and his partner of 10 years traveled from Colorado to Maui get away from the pandemic. They went into voluntary quarantine, and Pin posted his last public message on social media.

“Aloha, everybody," said Pin, on his Instagram page. “I am in Maui doing my share of quarantine and I hope that everybody is doing the same thing. This is a chance to regroup, refocus and relax."

A few days later, Pin got headaches and a fever.

On March 28, he went to Maui Memorial Medical Center and was diagnosed with COVID-19. As Pin’s condition deteriorated, his partner Dan Greening said, experimental treatments were used.

"If they had been given a little earlier, it's possible, he would've had a higher chance of survival," said Greening.

On Saturday, Bobby Pin lost his battle against COVID-19.

Loved ones could only talk to him and say goodbye through an iPad.

"I will miss that guy so much. I've had so many experiences with him," said Greening.

Pin’s sister, Mai Pin, says the family escaped from Cambodia when they were children. “His charisma and his love for life and he treated people equally with fun and full of life,” she said.

Greening says they want others to learn from Bobby's story,

"We have this window of time to eradicate COVID-19 and the best way to do that is with strict restrictions on travel as well as restrictions on interactions with each other," he said.

Greening added that he and their close friends have tested negative for COVID-19. Family says Pin’s body will be cremated and they plan to have a traditional service when the pandemic is over.

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