Keiki from Tucson send their aloha to Hawaii’s front-line workers

Keiki from Tucson send their aloha to Hawaii’s front-line workers
Photograph of Hawaii's healthcare heroes that was submitted to Hawaii News Now on Wednesday. (Source: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - To help thank the front-line workers who are helping to keep Hawaii running during the coronavirus pandemic, Hawaii News Now is publishing notes of appreciation from our viewers. This submission includes handwritten notes from Arizona fourth graders that have been transcribed below.

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4th Grade Thank yous to HEROS from Tucson, Arizona!!!!!

Dear doctors, thank you for helping my little brother I am so happy he is ok. Sincerely, Aiden

Dear Hospital, thank you for trying to help us to stay heathy thank you for working very hard and my mom has to wake up at 3:00 each day only one day off. If I had one wish is would be the corona virus was not a thing. Sincerely Anghel chali p.s. be heathy.

Dear Hero, Thank you for saving lives, for being brave outside with the virus, And giving us advice to stay safe. Sincerely Jace Henry

Dear hospital, thank you so much for helping our people in a time like this! We really appreciate you all for the sacrifice you make everyday! It’s amazing that you guys can help so many people in a limited time! Sincerely, Celeiah Gipson

Dear heroes, Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for people and it’s probably very hard to work all day and when I grow up I wish to become an amazing doctor just like all the doctors and every day when I see a hospital I smile because I know one day I will be in one I really hope I do and I’m pretty sure to become a doctor you have to go to school for about 4 more years of school but I don’t care I will do whatever it takes to become a doctor and I love to help people when there sick I don’t know I just have it in my blood because whenever my nana or tata were sick I would do whatever I would check there temperature clean and many more and the most important thing I would stay and do what ever it takes to make them feel better just like doctors and I don’t know any of my family members that are doctors so I hope I become the first and I hope all the people in hospitals that are sick I hope they all get better thank you to my doctor and to all doctors and all the people who work all night to find a cure for illnesses once again thank you for all the hospitals and all the nurses and doctors and every one who helps in hospitals thank you. Sincerely Leyla

Dear hospitals, thank you so much for trying to keep everyone safe when you guys are even tired and you don’t give up so I just wanted to say thank you about that so thank you. Sincerely Ivan

Dear Docters, thank you for everything you have done for us and we have gone through so much hard things and we are thankful for everything. The coronavirus has changed our lives and yours to. It has changed our lives due to losing people and risking lives. Everyday docters have to risk their lives to save others. Docters can get coronavirus while trying to save someone else’s lives. And that is why we are thankful. Docters care about other people’s lives more than their own lives. I have been scared of the coronavirus because I was afraid of getting it. But If I do, i’m counting on you to find a cure. I will always trust docters especially when they are trying to save me. You guys make sacrifices everday to save people. Docters are insperation to many people becuase they save people and inspire others to care and save many people to make this world a better place. Once again, thank you for everything you have done for us. Sincerely, Julissa Garcia

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