Kili So Silly talks story and grindz spam musubi with McKenna

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Kili So Silly talks story and grindz spam musubi with McKenna

McKenna sits down at L&L with Social Media influencer and comedian Kili So Silly. Kili has made millions of people laugh all over the world, but he keeps it local in Oahu. After a hilarious impromptu Spam musubi eating contest, Kili Talks Story with McKenna. “I’m from... born and raised here on Oahu. Grew up in Waipahu, Ewa Beach area.” “My humor is like a mix of local, any kine stuff, like I try to relate to people in Hawaii, people on the mainland, or just everybody in general. Whatever’s on my mind, I just put it out there and just make everybody laugh.”

Kili talks about his inspirations and what it is about Polynesian culture that some people love getting to see though his comedy, “When I share more of my culture, that’s like the side of me that’s keeping it real. That’s what I grew up on, my surroundings, I share what I've been through in my life. Pretty much it’s all real, just keeping it real, sharing my culture and what I grew up in.”

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