Working from home? Here’s how to avoid a monster electricity bill

Working from home? Here’s how to keep your electricity bill manageable

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - As Todd Iacovelli follows the order to work from home, he knows he’s burning up more electricity. So the financial adviser tries to work smarter.

"At first we had drapes over these windows but then we took them down so that there was more natural light coming in," he said.

He’s doing what Hawaiian Electric and Hawaii Energy urge others to do to reduce their energy consumption while they work from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Both organizations advise those now working at home to limit their electrical gadgets to what they need to do their work.

"If you don't bother to try and conserve you're going to see a higher electric bill, and nobody's looking for a higher electric bill right now," HECO senior spokesman Peter Rosegg said.

Laptop computers use less energy than desktops. Rosegg said set them up so sleep mode kicks in when you aren’t using the computer.

Hawaii Energy's Shayna Doi said it also helps to open windows and use a fan instead of running air conditioning.

"Fans can actually be pennies on the dollar compared to the AC to operate. So while it's still cool enough we just encourage those options," she said.

Rosegg said plug into a power strip that lets you keep some things on while turning others off.

“A standard strip will be good but a smart power strip will be better,” he said.

Doi said If you have to buy new equipment to outfit your office buy energy efficient.

"When you buy those things you want to make sure that you are looking for the ENERGY STAR label. That will help you save," she said.

Iacovelli’s on the right track to working smarter at home. He’s doing his best to use only the electricity he needs.

"I feel like every day I get a little more efficient," he said.

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