Natalie Ai Kamauu performs with her ohana at their hale

Natalie Ai Kamauu performs with her ohana at their hale

Talk Story host McKenna Maduli meets up with Natalie Ai Kamauu at her favorite nail salon, City Nails. For Natalie, her hulali style all starts with her nails. She tells McKenna, “It really is all about reflecting the light and making others sparkle around you. I don’t do this for myself, I do this to add sparkle to everyone’s life.” Watching Natalie perform and listening to her beautiful mele makes you feel that sparkle from head to toe. If it’s singing, dancing hula, or making others sparkle around her, Natalie Ai Kamauu has made an art out of reflecting the light. “When I’m dancing, I’m singing. When I’m singing, I’m dancing. It’s one in the same.” This Miss Aloha Hula and four-time “Female Vocalist of the Year” Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award Winner and Grammy Nominee certainly excels at both.

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After getting their nails done, Natalie invites McKenna back to her hale to see her magical “Narnia” closet and talk story. She intimately shares her story and what inspires her fashion and mele. Natalie also lets McKenna in on some beauty secrets. Beauty begins on the inside, and an ancient Chinese beauty secret that affects both inside and out happens to be edible bird’s nest. Nests made by swiftlets are prized in Chinese culture due to their rarity, high nutritional value, and rich flavor. Edible bird's nests are among the most expensive animal products consumed by humans, and Natalie wants to share hers with McKenna. Bottoms up! When McKenna asks Natalie how she would describe the taste to anyone who wanted to try bird’s nest, she lightheartedly says: “It tastes like the water you drink if you go down Splash Mountain.”

Natalie performs her mele Ku’u Lei Makamae with her husband Iolani and their daughter Sha-Lei.

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About Natalie Ai Kamauu:

Hawai`iʻs best kept secret is no secret anymore… Named “Miss Aloha Hula” at the prestigious Merry Monarch Hula Festival, four-time “Female Vocalist of the Year” Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awardee and Grammy Nominated Natalie Ai Kamauu blew into Hawai`iʻs music scene in 2005, immediately turning heads and perking ears with her break out album “ʻĒ”. The title itself said it all….” Extraordinary.” With a voice of an angel, Natalieʻs soaring melodies will whisk you to heights and depths of musical emotion. Though her sound is sweet and seemingly effortless, donʻt be mistaken. Sheʻs a powerhouse vocalist. Natalieʻs music is definitely Traditional Hawaiian but how she dances the fine line between old and new is what audiences adore her for. Always with flair, she dares to coalesce the two, bringing Hawai`iʻs past into the present. Together with her husband, Iolani Kamauu, they create a sound that is undeniably hers, a vanguard of Hawaiian of music.

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