Hawaiian singer Anuhea premieres exclusive footage of her wedding

Hawaiian Singer Anuhea premieres exclusive footage of her wedding

Anuhea gives a shout out to all the Hawaii brides- to-be when McKenna asks her to share take away wisdom from her wedding day. McKenna jokingly calls Anuhea a bridezilla, which she does not deny. “I felt like I was good at being a bride, up until day of. It’s always day of! It’s the stress. All of it comes to a head. Sorry for putting you though what I put you through.” Like, for instance, a mandatory choreographed dance for the entire wedding party, which McKenna was a part of. “We did something a little unique at my wedding. We did a boys vs. girls dance-off.”

Although both McKenna and Anuhea are hesitant to share, viewers can enjoy the home video of the bride and all eleven bridesmaids getting down on the dance floor. Decked out in fanny packs and sunglasses, the girls gave it their best shot, but feel like they lost. They claim the boys cheated with a secret weapon: Anuhea’s son Ikena Jack. When McKenna asks what her favorite moment from the wedding was, Anuhea sentimentally recalls: “Oh, so many beautiful moments. I’d say, watching the sunset with all of my family and friends.” “It was such a beautiful coming to grace moment realizing that all of my favorite people are in one place at one time. And, having to surrender all of the stress and imperfections just to being thankful for the moment that you’re in.”

About Anuhea: The name "Anuhea" translates from Hawaiian as a fragrance or cool breeze. In the world of island/reggae music, Maui songbird Anuhea Jenkins has been JUST that: A cool breeze to the island music scene. This multi-talented artist entered the room in 2009 like a breath of fresh island air, beautifully blending vibes of reggae, pop, R&B, and even country. Anuhea's eclectic and multi-faceted musical style is paralleled by her work ethic and fun-loving personality. After 10 successful years in the music scene, dozens of hit songs and multiple awards, Anuhea remains humble when she's rightfully referred to as one of the top musical artists from Hawai'i of all time.

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