Rest assured, ports remain open and goods are being sent our way

Rest assured, ports remain open and goods are being sent our way
Cargo will continue to stream into Hawaii, relaxing fears over a shortage of daily goods. (Source: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu Harbor brought in three container ships in the past four days. Two more were set to come in Wednesday night and more over the weekend.

That means there’s plenty of food — and toilet paper — for everyone.

“There’s really no need to panic when it comes to buying groceries and supplies,” Vic Angoco, Senior Vice President of Matson Pacific Division, said.

“There’s no anticipated closure of each commercial port here in Hawaii,” he added.

Matson, Pasha and Young Brothers are all still operating on regular schedules with routine mainland service, and more than 20 inter-island shipments a week. Even as some store shelves are stripped bare, Rumours of potential harbor closures are unfounded.

But, there are risks within the industry.

Turns out, many of Honolulu’s tug boat workers don’t live on Oahu, or even in Hawaii.

They fly in for their shifts. Because they’re considered essential, they are exempt from Hawaii’s new 14-day quarantine.

Donovan Duncan, Inland Boatmen’s Union said, “They are essentially on self quarantine before they get on a plane these days, so they can pretty much safely come over here and get on the boat. They need to be very serious about this.”

Both tugboat workers and stevedores are practicing social distancing.

The state says three more cruise ships are also heading into port soon for fuel and provisions, but they have no passengers.

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