If you’re concerned about Hawaii’s kupuna, here’s how you can help

If you’re concerned about Hawaii’s kupuna, here’s how you can help
Elderly residents are said to be among those most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic. (HNN File Image) (Source: Archive)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kupuna are among the most vulnerable in this pandemic.

After orders for residents in the state to stay at home, many elderly residents may now be facing isolation, and worries over every day tasks, such as getting groceries, prescriptions, and other chores around the house.

There are non-profit organizations that cater to the needs of the elderly who live an independent life, such as the Lanakila Meals on Wheels Program — which is facing a volunteer shortfall after many of their own volunteers, some elderly, opted to stay home for their health and safety. But still, its not enough as there are other residents not served by these programs.

One concern Oahu man is now hoping more people will step up to adopt a kupuna during these uncertain and scary times.

Gabe Amey set up the Our Kupuna website. Volunteers who sign up will be matched with a kupuna resident in need of some assistance.

“They can sponsor one kupuna in their community and just check in with them once a week and see how they’re doing and get necessary food and supplies for them,” Amey said.

In just one 24 hour period, about 140 volunteers signed up.

To be eligible, volunteers must have no symptoms of COVID-19. They also must not have traveled outside of the state over the the last 21 days.

Amey says the purpose of the volutneer service is to ensure kupuna don’t have to leave their homes and battle crowds at the grocery stores or struggle to get to other public places. It’s about ensuring they have what they need without putting them at risk.

Those who have a kupuna 65 years or older in need of help, or those who want to volunteer can either visit the website or call 808-400-4506.

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