Photographer Hudson Taylor and wife Serena elevate Hawaii’s modeling scene with Renew Artist Agency

Photographer Hudson Taylor and wife Serena elevate Hawaii's modeling scene with Renew Artist Agency

Former model and photographer Hudson Taylor and his wife Serena are running Hawaii's top modeling agency Renew Artist Hawaii. The business, now in its second year, has nearly 200 models and the young couple are sharing their talented finds on an international stage.

Hudson started his career as a young model. "(I) started traveling the whole world. I started finding a lot of good friends in the industry. I just got so frustrated that they weren't living to their potential, whether it be they weren't with the right agents or managers. I would just be introducing them to agents for free. Before I even had a thought of an agency or photographer I was placing probably over 50 to 100 models around the world."

Winning Miss Hawaii Teen USA in 2007 catapulted Serena into Miss Hawaii where she competed and placed. She's also a national gold medalist in karate.

Hudson admits one day he just told his wife he wanted to be a photographer. "So, I grabbed a credit card and said this is my ticket to being the best photographer in the world."

"Before he got that camera he was taking photos of his friends who were models with a Polaroid," his wife said. "He would literally style them up, pose them and take the photos. He's never picked up a camera in his life."

Hudson says people were using them. "My success starting coming because I did things a little different. Most photographers are into it because of their art and that's great. I just happened to go into it because I felt it was my duty to get these people the best photos. Whatever that may be. It may not be my art, it may not even be something I like but I know it's going to work for them."

After marrying, the couple moved to Los Angeles so Hudson could continue to build up his portfolio. He was getting backlogged with retouching the photos so one day Serena offered to help. "It was to the point where I asked him do you want me to learn how to do it so it's a little load off you?" said Serena.

"Everything you see, all my covers, she did it all," said Hudson.

About Hudson Taylor:

Hudson is a celebrity & fashion photographer known for photographing some of the most well-known faces in the acting and modeling industries. He was born and raised in Hawaii, where he grew up fishing, diving, and body surfing most days. When he was 18 years old, he began modeling in the Islands, and then soon got signed with modeling agencies around the world. His career took off fairly quickly, and before he knew it, he was walking in Paris Fashion Week for Givenchy, seen on ads and billboards nationwide, and flown across the globe for Abercrombie & Fitch.

After a few years, Hudson decided to try his hand at the art BEHIND the camera as an attempt to get his fellow modeling friends good photos for their portfolios. As it turned out, he had a natural talent for photography, and a great eye for discovering brand new models. Within weeks of owning a camera, Hudson moved to Los Angeles to begin his career as a photographer, and found success almost instantly. His work can now be seen in worldwide campaigns around the world, on the covers of the biggest and most renowned magazines, and with some of the biggest celebrities and supermodels.

Hudson is now the co-owner of Hawaii's top modeling agency - Renew Artists Hawaii - a business he started with his wife, Serena. Although Renew has only been in business for a little over two years, it already has nearly 200 models, and is well-known for developing incredible models from the islands and grooming them for the larger markets.

Together with his wife, Hudson has also recently welcomed a son, Blu - named after their love for the deep blues of the Hawaii oceans.

About Serena Taylor

Serena is the agency owner of Renew Artists Hawaii, a renowned modeling agency based in Hawaii. Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Serena had her start in the entertainment industry early. After having practiced karate at a competitive level for ten years, she branched out into pageantry and became Miss Hawaii Teen USA in 2007. She then went on to place in the Top 15 at the nationally televised Miss Teen USA pageant.

After graduating with honors at Punahou School in 2008, Serena did some acting and commercial modeling in the Islands before later branching out to NYC, where she continued to work on national commercials. In 2013, Serena married Hudson Taylor, and together they moved to Los Angeles to expand Hudson's photography career, which is also when Serena became a professional photo retoucher. They spent years traveling the globe for photography jobs.

Soon after, Serena became interested in working behind the scenes of the modeling world, which eventually landed her a job working for Elite Models in Los Angeles. It was this experience that later sparked her interest in starting her own agency in Hawaii. In 2017, she and her husband launched Renew Artists Hawaii, which was an instant success. Right before Renew celebrated its two year anniversary, Serena gave birth to her son Blu with an at home water birth.

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