Amazon launches checkout-free grocery store in Seattle

SEATTLE (KIRO/CNN) - Amazon has opened its first full-size, checkout-free grocery store in Seattle.

Customers only need the Amazon app to enter the store.

With the swipe of a phone, customers can walk into the new Amazon Go Grocery.

The store sells everything a normal grocery store does, like produce, meats and beer, but when you’re done, you can simply leave.

You don't pay a cashier, because there aren't any.

The Seattle-based tech giant sees this re-imagining as the future of grocery stores.

Its Amazon Go Grocery is five times larger than its Amazon Go stores, which focus on convenience and simple items.

Amazon says the items are competitively priced and sourced locally.

The items are individually priced so there’s no weighing involved.

Everything the customers purchase is tracked by sensors on the ceiling and charged to their Amazon account.

There is some disagreement on how much data should be handed over to the company.

"It's going to learn your patterns of what you get. And I’m sure that will lead to some advertising and things like that, but I think it's convenient," Brandon Tran, a customer, said.

Amazon would not disclose its expansion plans on the grocery stores, but says it looks forward to seeing this concept take hold.

Though no employees will be checking out customers, workers will be there to greet customers, answer questions and restock shelves.

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