Diver wants to reunite class ring he found in the waters off Waikiki with its owner

Diver wants to reunite class ring he found in the waters off Waikiki with its owner

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Tony Madrona is an avid spear fisherman and in the 40 years he’s been diving, he’s found all kinds of things on the ocean floor.

"I've found watches, other spear guns, spears, glasses," he said.

But his latest find was a first.

Around noon Sunday, he was at his favorite dive spot off Waikiki near the Hilton Hawaiian Village when he caught sight of something glistening in sand.

"I came across this shiny thing. It was just a little speck in the sand between the reefs," he said.

The water was only 4 feet deep, but Madrona said if the sun hadn’t hit it just right he would have missed it.

“I brushed the sand away and it was the ring,” he said.

A high school class ring to be precise. It was covered with green growth and looked like it had been in the water for a long time.

“I started to clean it off to read what the ring was saying. It was ‘Punahou High School class of 1955,’” Madrona said.

Punahou's Alumni Relations director Doug Rigg said his office has reunited other lost rings with their owners.

"In 2017 I believe we had somebody who found a ring in a board game box that was given to Goodwill," he said.

The office has copies of the school's yearbooks dating back decades, including the 1955 yearbook.

“There was about 200 people in each class back in those days so it’s not too many names," Rigg said. "We’ll probably be able to reunite this person or a family member with the ring.”

Since the class rings have students’ initials engraved into them Rigg said it’s just a matter of matching the letters to the names of alumni.

"I really want to find the owner," Madrona said.

He’s a Christian and he believes God led him to the ring for a reason.

“Sometimes the ocean takes away your treasures,” he said. “Now that I’ve found someone’s treasures I want that back in their hands. I think that’s the right thing to do.”

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