Looking for a unique gift for your Valentine? These ‘roses’ last forever

Looking for a unique gift for your Valentine? These ‘roses’ last forever

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Sheet metal students at Honolulu Community College have been busy creating handmade, one-of-a-kind copper roses just in time for Valentine’s Day.

“They call it the forever rose, and they are. It will last forever,” said Honolulu Community College instructor Danny Aiu.

The flower petals and leaves start as flat sheets of copper and are then molded into shape by hand, giving each petal a lifelike look.

“I run it through a machine so we can cut and that’s the biggest thing because cutting the material takes the longest,” said Aiu.

Aiu started the project more than 10 years ago at HCC, giving students the chance to harness their skills and make dozens of roses each Valentine’s Day.

Students say the project is a great learning experience.

They say the work that goes into creating each rose is tedious and takes patience, but they say that makes the gift even more special.

“It’s just the time and care that we all put into it. It’s a long process and I hope that everyone that gets one really appreciates the work that went into it,” said HCC student Drew Anderson.

The handmade roses go on sale Friday at 9 a.m. for $15 each in Building 17 on HCC’s campus.

The funds raised go towards supplies for their final project: A hibachi grill.

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